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In 2008, the Northwest Georgia System of Care Policy Council received funding from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) to establish a KidsNet Northwest pilot site.  The Northwest’s focus was to include: early screening, assessment, and referrals to appropriate supports, family and youth involvement, individualized, strength-based services, and collaboration among all providers and community partners.  The initially funded pilot site included: 7 of the 15 counties of Georgia’s Region I.  In addition, a state-level collaborative body, KidsNet Georgia, was formed using federal and state infrastructure grants.  Chaired by senior level staff from the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, KidsNet Georgia membership included management staff from Georgia’s Medicaid, education, human resources, and juvenile justice agencies.  KidsNet Georgia was embraced as Georgia’s model for System of Care by the First Lady’s Children’s Cabinet, formed by Governor Perdue.  In 2009 KidsNet Northwest expanded to include the other 8 remaining counties in Region I.

The overall mission of the initiative was to:

Create a family driven, youth guided, and culturally proficient system of mental health interventions and support organized into a comprehensive and integrated network to meet the multiple and changing needs of children and their families.

Lookout Mountain CSB received additional funds to implement the Care Management Entity Model which led to another change for WIN Georgia.  WIN Georgia became a Care Management Entity, initially one of four CMEs in Georgia.  In 2012, LM CME became one of two CMEs with staff across the state providing care coordination and support to youth and their families.

Under the current CME contract, LM CME has continued to collaborate with community partners and providers throughout the state to build community consensus in support of the High Fidelity Wraparound and the Care Management Entity models, increase capacity, support the creation of local Systems of Care, and provide cultural proficiency training.   In order for any model to be successful, you have to have three ingredients: 1) incentives to encourage people to do the right things and discourage them from doing the wrong things, 2) adequate transparency as to cost and quality, and 3) appropriate accountability if things don’t go right.  The presence of these three ingredients has led to strong engagement between community partners/providers and LM CME where care coordination and support to youth and their families is currently being provided.

What Is Lookout Mountain Care Management Entity (LM CME)?

LM CME is an organizational entity, which is funded by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, to coordinate care for youth with complex behavioral health challenges and who are involved with multiple systems.  LM CME utilizes:

  1. A youth-guided, family-driven, strength-based, individualized, collaborative and culturally proficient approach known as wraparound, which is coordinated across agencies and providers.
  2. Intensive home- and community-based services and peer supports, which are alternatives to costly out-of-home placements.

Who Qualifies For Wraparound?

  • Ages six (6) to twenty-one (21)
  • Primary Mental Health Diagnosis (may co-exist with Substance-Related Disorder and/or Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities)
  • At eminent risk of out-of-home placement
  • CAFAS ≥110 and home scale ≥20
  • Serious risk of harm in the past ninety (90) days
  • Documented history of multiple admissions to crisis stabilization programs or psychiatric hospitals in the past twelve (12) months
  • Youth has been unable to successfully follow Resiliency/Recovery Plan

To learn more about Lookout Mountain CME or to make a referral, visit our website at https://www.lmcme.org.


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