Lookout Mountain Community Services Dedicated to health, healing, and recovery

Meet the Staff


Leadership Staff Title Electronic Mail
Tom Ford, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer tomf@lmcs.org
Rick Solmon Chief Financial Officer rick.solmon@lmcs.org
Carla Myers Behavioral Health Clinical Director carlam@lmcs.org
Esteban Lim, M.D. Medical Director estebanl@lmcs.org
Heather Roesner Director, Corporate Compliance & Quality Assurance heatherr@lmcs.org
Esther Van Gundy  Director, Human Resources esther.vangundy@lmcs.org
Patrick McBride Chief Information Officer patrickm@lmcs.org
Nita Lanham Revenue Cycle Manager marjorie.lanham@lmcs.org
Carol Moore  Administrative Assistant  carol.moore@lmcs.org
Steven Scott Director, Recovery Services stevens@lmcs.org
Lisa Fitzsimmons Director, Transportation lisaf@lmcs.org
Heather Stanley Director, LMCME heathers@lmcs.org
Kelley McCahill Director, Addictive Disease kelleym@lmcs.org
John Brewer Director, TREK johnb@lmcs.org


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