furlough due to covid-19 faq

F.A.Q. and Answers from Human Resources (HR)
  • Do I have to file every week?
    • NO; Human Resources staff will file for employees every Monday for the first 6 weeks. Employees are required to file after 6 weeks.
  • What should I do to ensure my payment is received?
    • Follow the instructions provided to you by Human Resources to create your PIN. You can also check the status of your payment. You will not be able to create a PIN until Human Resources enters your information and files. This is where YOU will also determine YOUR method of pay (how you receive your payments) and whether or not YOU want taxes taken out. FYI Federal takes out 10% and State Tax takes out 6%.
      • https://www.dol.state.ga.us/public/uiben/pmtelect/login
  • I forgot my PIN can Human Resources set me another one up?
    • NO. Human Resources can only file for you. Human Resources does not disseminate or reset PINS.
  • How much will I be receiving as payment?
    • Human Resources cannot provide this information.
  • When will I receive my payments?
    • Unemployment is paid on a weekly basis. Your payments will be released within 24-48 hours after your employer filed on your behalf.
  • What if we normally work a certain amount of days, five for example, and we are being cut down to 3?
    • Human Resources will pull work hours from Day Force every Monday so that we report earnings. You are eligible for benefits.
  • Do I still clock in through Day Force?
    • When you are performing job duties. YES Absolutely.
  • I am a supervisor. Do I need to approve/review timesheets?
    • YES. The supervisor’s deadline to review and approve each week WILL NOT CHANGE.
  • How long will we be furloughed?
    • Not one day longer than necessary. Bear with us, we are playing it by ear.
  • Will my insurance/Flex Benefits lapse?
    • The agency will do everything we can to ensure that your benefits do not lapse.
    • PLEASE be sure and communicate with Doreen Wilder, Admin. Office Extension, 4120 OR Miriam Keith, Extension 4122 ASAP if you need to set up an arrangement to pay your premiums during this time.
  • What days will I work if my schedule has been adjusted?
    • Your supervisor is in control of your schedule and will decide based on program needs. Communication with your supervisor is imperative.
  • Can I still contact Human Resources if I have questions?
    • YES; We are here to serve you.
  • What if I have a fear of work, or doing my job because I fear that I may come into contact with the COVID-19. I don’t have an underlying medical condition, I just don’t want to work while this is going on. If I leave work or refuse to work would I be eligible for unemployment?
    • No, the employee—not the employer—is choosing not to work and, therefore, would be ineligible.
  • During this time can I borrow from or withdraw from my 401K without penalty?
    • Human Resources cannot advise on financial issues. Employees with 401K questions will need to contact Ga Breeze directly at 1-877-342-7339.
  • Administrative Office Main Number: 706 638 5580
  • Human Resources Extensions:
    • Lori Wright: 4100
    • Sue Ann Woods: 4114
    • Janice Sabo: 4112
  • Payroll/Time and Leave/Revenue Cycle Extensions:
    • Doreen Wilder: 4120
    • Miriam Keith: 4122


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Need Help?

No Initial Appointments Needed. Walk-Ins welcome at any outpatient site between 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.


Staff Quick Links

Below is a quick resource for LMCS staff.

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