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Fort Oglethorpe O/P Clinic: 706.861.3387
Accountability Court: 706.638.5591
Summerville O/P Clinic: 706.857.5441
Trenton O/P Clinic: 706.956.5526
Employment: 706.670.1074
Individual Complaints: 844.815.8233
GA Crisis & Access Line: 800.715.4225

For Medical Records, please fax requests to:
SOPC Medical Records 1-888-861-9315
FOPC Medical Records 1-888-861-8732
TOPC Medical Records 1-888-861-9321
LOPC Medical Records 1-888-638-4599
Hospital/ BHL Records  1-888-566-1146

Individual Rights Complaints

It is the policy of Lookout Mountain Community Services to ensure that individuals, representatives, guardians, associations, or agencies involved with the delivery or receipt of services may file, and have reviewed, complaints and grievances.  All complaints and grievances shall be heard promptly, investigated appropriately, and where possible, resolved informally.  No person shall be retaliated against or be denied services for filing a complaint or grievance.

To report Corporate Compliance violations or to file a complaint:

Visit or Call 844.815.8233 (toll-free)


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Need Help?

No Initial Appointments Needed. Walk-Ins welcome at any outpatient site between 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Staff Quick Links

Below is a quick resource for LMCS staff.

Contact Us

Employment: 706.638.5580 Ext 4114
Clinical Q&A: 706.638.5580 Ext 4151
Business Q&A: 706.638.5580 Ext 4135
Executive Director: 706.638.5584
Individual Complaints: 844.815.8233
GA Crisis & Access Line: 800.715.4225