employment FAQ

Application Process

Can I apply with a resume and cover letter?

Yes; however, an LMCS application is also required.

Am I required to submit a separate application for each posting?

No, applications are kept on file for 90 days and are reviewed for various positions.

How long do applications stay active?

Applications will remain active for 90 days.

What are the age limits for employment?

Most positions require applicants to be at least twenty-one years of age.  However, clerical staff may be hired at age eighteen.

How do I know if I am qualified for a job?

Each job posting will include the minimum job requirements.  Applications are carefully reviewed to determine whether these requirements are met.  If you do not meet the requirements or if all the required information/documentation is not provided, your application will not be approved.  Therefore, you should not apply if you do not meet all of the specified requirements.

How do I find out what jobs are open for application?

Current Job Announcements are posted on our web site under Job Opportunities. You may also contact the Human Resources Department at 706.638.5580 x 4114.

What happens after I submit my application for a job?  

Applications are reviewed by the recruitment officer.  Applications that meet the minimum/preferred qualifications for a position are sent to hiring supervisors for consideration.

Will LMCS ask for references and conduct reference checks as part of the selection process?

Yes.  Two professional work references are required.  Applicants are asked to submit two or more letters of reference on letterhead stationery.  If this is not available, references will be contacted by the HR Department.

I stated on my application that I have college education, licenses and/or certifications.  Will I need to provide verification of this information?

Yes.  If you are selected for a position that requires a degree, license, or certification you will be required to obtain an official transcript from the college/university. 

Will a conviction record disqualify me from employment? 

Each applicant’s conviction record will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis considering the type and seriousness of the crime, how much time has elapsed, and the nature of the job.  Misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of pertinent facts may be cause for disqualification and/or termination of employment.  Any employment offer is conditional pending the results of all pre-employment screening processes.

Will a pre-employment screening process be required?

Yes.  Employment offers are conditional pending the results of all screening processes that are applicable to the job, which may include, but are not limited to, the following: confirmation of citizenship/legal right to work in the United States; completion of a pre-employment medical review/exam (which may include drug alcohol testing); reference checks; and a fingerprint check.  All of these processes must be successfully completed before employment begins.  A positive test for alcohol, illegal drugs or inadequately explained prescription drugs, misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of pertinent facts in any step of the screening/selection process may be cause for disqualification and/or termination of employment.

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