Pharmacy Services at Lookout Mountain CSB


(LOCATED INSIDE LMCS Fort Oglethorpe Outpatient Clinic)

On-site Pharmacy Services that Mail Directly to You

LMCS has an on-site Genoa Healthcare® pharmacy for consumers and staff to use for their medication needs. Although you can use any pharmacy provider you would like to fill prescriptions, we recommend our on-site pharmacy as a convenient and effective service for our consumers. Plus, when you use our pharmacy, your medications can be mailed directly to you at no cost.

How Genoa Healthcare helps

  • Mail prescriptions to you at no cost
  • Full-service pharmacy that can fill all of your medications, even those from your primary care physician
  • Pre-filled pill organizers to keep you on track of your medication
  • Dependable delivery and mail services at no cost to you
  • A trusting and caring staff to help you with anything that comes up, including medicine and insurance questions
  • Available to answer questions during business hours or through their 24-hour customer service line

Your health is our top priority at LMCS. By partnering with Genoa Healthcare, we can achieve even better outcomes for our consumers.
Want to learn more about what Genoa Healthcare can offer you? Stop by our pharmacy to learn more.

Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy
Located within:
Lookout Mountain Community Services 1875 Fant Drive
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742
Pharmacy phone: (706) 858-9056
Pharmacy fax: (706) 861-3332
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm Closed 12:30 – 1:30 daily

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Need Help?

No Initial Appointments Needed. Walk-Ins welcome at our outpatient sites. Intakes begin at 8:30 am. We will process intakes until all the allotted slots are consumed by individuals.

Contact Us

Employment: 706.638.5580 Ext 4114
Clinical Q&A: 706.638.5580 Ext 4151
Business Q&A: 706.638.5580 Ext 4135
Executive Director: 706.638.5584
Individual Complaints: 844.815.8233
GA Crisis & Access Line: 800.715.4225